Urban subjects

I want to give a brief about my French cityscape and streetscape studies.

Even the pictures are based on Paris photo references, but the concept is applicable in general if you consider any streetscape or urban paintings.

I had two kinds to review under urban references, one is the street scenery, the other is panoramic views, which is still to work on to figure it out.

Street Scenery

Paris, France, Watercolor
Paris Street, Blue Awnings

The key things

- painting the building in an interesting way and windows without overworking, integrating the awning in the whole picture.

Painted in a loose style, that worked quite well. I got the idea that the windows looks as much better if painted with less care.

Paris, Watercolor, France
Paris Street, Red Awnings

I applied a similar approach as the above picture, this time with a foreground.

The most difficult becomes always painting the pedestrian crossing. This time worked pretty well. Note that the crossing lines are not white, rather a light yellow ochre. The road is a mixture of neutral tint, some yellow and purple.

But I still need to work on a more vivid red on the awning.

Panoramic views

Sketch, Paris Sketch
Sketch Paris Street Panorama

This is one of the very first sketches of panoramic views of Paris.

Evaluating the values and colors of building, painting the rooftops and getting them integrated are for me the most difficult.

Paris, France, Watercolor, Avenue
Paris Street Panorama

The rooftops are painted very carelessly and without a lot of definition, which worked quite well. The blue shadow on the right section and dark shadows of the cars made the scene realistic.

Paris, Street, France, Watercolor, Skyline, Panorama
Paris Panorama

This is a skyline view of Paris. This time the rooftops are almost painted with water that connects them to the horizon line with a smoke. According to me, this is still to improve.

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