The first blog post

Hi there! This is my first blog post. I think, it is a good idea to take notes for myself in this blog, to share my creative process like which colors I used, what are the difficulties, my thoughts and ideas while painting it, share this with people whoever is interested.

I don't aim to write pages of explanations, just short notes for myself to gather some ideas.

We are living in the information age, nothing is a secret. Grasping the watercolor painting techniques is much dependent on practicing and steady exercising. I think, it is more important to develop a vision as an artist. That makes the difference.

Here we go!

See my new painting below that is a landscape with a subject of boats and marine.

I used a lot of orange and ultramarine blue. I used orange on the whole background as a mother color. I added orange wherever I need warmth and added ultramarine when I needed darkness.

The paint is applied before the paper is totally dry in a thick manner.

And some detailed pictures

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