Abstract landscape

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

When I give up my habit to paint as I draw, I think, I will become a better painter, "better artist" could be a controversial topic.

I need to understand the fact that as much as I try to make it look real, it will never be as real as it is. Apart from that, the question is, why should it look like a real scene? Will it be a better painting? Not at all.

I just need to divide the subject into shapes. Assign some value to those shapes and then paint them with the my best technique and the tools I have. This is somewhat easy with landscape scenes with clear foreground and background. It might be much complex with street scenery.

This is an application of an "abstracted" landscape scenery. Even the sky is not blue, which really doesn't bother me. Some dark tones on the hills resemble the trees, but really not need to. It is creating some tension in the overall scene due to the contrast with the hill nearby. Remembering the relativity of local colors and tones !!!

I think, I will certainly become a "better" painter as I give up painting to make them look real.

The day is still dark in the morning. For the moment, I shoot a photo on my desk with an artificial lighting.

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